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Our LOVE story

Plant the seed of love


This is the foundation of what FeeLoved stands for.   We are a family-owned business providing parents/caregivers and adolescents with botanical personal care products supported by mental wellness games and tools.  As a working mother of three, I became fascinated in understanding the importance of not just caring for my children’s bodies on the outside but deep-diving into their emotions and triggers.  I wanted to teach my children how to look for ways to improve their moods, understand their triggers, and ways to express what they are feeling.  Emotions are a part of life, the more we understand them the more control we have over our response to everyday events. Personal care has to be examined from the inside out and developing a self-care routine can start at any age.  Our passion is to help encourage and maintain healthy self-care routines throughout the growing years by providing you with age-specific curated boxes filled with luxurious natural ingredients and mindful mental wellness tools.   You will fall in love with our self-care products and most importantly we desire that you invest 10 minutes a day into your child’s mental well-being by having fun with our wellness tools.  Self-care to us means teaching your child to take care of their mind, body, and soul.  Admiring who they are in the present moment and for their future potential. Celebrating their unique attributes and making time for their well-being from the inside out.

Our love letter to you 🎔

From conception to birth habits are formed and milestones celebrated.  Through these experiences we learn to value ourselves while we respect and care for others. It is important to develop good personal care habits and make quality time for mental health, these habits will foster a positive self image and  long lasting benefits if routines are established early.   We believe that personal care is self care, which is why we have crafted personalized packages for growing bodies on the journey of life.  Nature has provided all the ingredients we need to feel renewed, refreshed and restored both physically and mentally.  By purchasing our brand, you are acting on your desire to share and feel LOVED. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are using natural, cruelty free ingredients and are environmentally responsible.  Simply choose the appropriate age group and we will provide you with the self care products and wellness tools you need.

Mental Health and Wellness

There is great pleasure in creating lasting memories .  We encourage you to incorporate personal grooming time with everyday well being.   Start with bath time surrounded by bubbles, a soapy washcloth, freedom to play and a gentle loving hand.  Take ten minutes a day to explore our wellness games and tools with your loved ones.  Simpler times remind us of how valuable the moments we create are to our mental health.  Intentionally setting ten minutes aside each day to rejuvenate the mind is an excellent investment into mental health. Good habits follow us through the growing years and into adulthood.  We trust that you will find our specialized games and mental health tools useful to you and your offsprings as they are made with love.  If you are Interested in more wellness soulitions and tips, subscribe to our mailing list.  

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